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Arabian Acres, NC
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I have but only one boarders plan to keep it simple. I belive all horses are equal and their care shouldn't be different because their owners can't or don't want to spend very much money.
Each horse gets a large box stall with at lest one window,fans, stall lights, stall mats and built in hay racks.
Each day the horse will be turned out and has the avaliability of hay in the field as well as water. When they are in their stalls they may have hay too. Their stall will be cleaned two times a day. We also have three foaling stalls. Just tell me if you would like your horse in the barn or on paddock rest (lives outside).
For the care of you horses you can spend $80.
None of this is real it is all part of a SIM(ulation) game called Shanandoah. if any of these pictures are copywrighted or if there is a problem with them please contact me.