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This is where our bording plan is.

Each horse will recive a 12 ft. by 12 ft. box stall. The stall has at least one window that can be closed on the out side(for when the heat or air is on). Each stall is equiped with 2 stall mats, a built in hay rack, and automatic waterer. the horse also gets a 30 min. hand walk twice a day. The horse upon boarding will recive a leather halter cortesy of Arabian Acres. We also provide a complete stable package(blanket,boots,wraps,buckets,and brushes) in our stables colors green and silver.  We also offer boarding for your dogs and other animals but please no more than 2 cows.
Out of the Barn:
The horse will share a paddock that will hold 4-7 horses each. They will be temperment tested when they arrive to see which paddock they will recive. when outside they get a bale of hay to share with the other members of their "Herd". They will recive up to 6 hours in the paddocks. After Being out for that time they are taken in for their dinner (leave instructions if they don't fit the catogories in the feed room). You can choose if you want your horse on pasture rest or regular stall. A reason you might put them on pasture rest is for later in a mares pregnency or a retired horse or a young horse and its mother.
When You Can't Make It:
When you cant make it to exrcise you horse it will be taken care of by one of our volentires.
Whats the Price?:
 The price for the care of your horse is simple.
Regular Stall- $100
Pasture Rest- $80
Dog Boarding-$50 per dog
Cat Boarding- $10
Cow Boarding- $80
any other animals? I'll ring it up.
If your horse is in special training I'll ring it up.
For some training you could also vist Shanandoah Animal Training. Incase your wondering why I put that it's because I own it.

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