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The Hills

Enchanted Hills

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The land that Enchanted Hills lies upon is indeed enchanted. We chose it specifically because it seemed worthy of being the home for our friesians. When one sees a friesian, one thinks of magic. The magic could be fairies, dragons, or Knights in Shining Armor. Or it could be something else entirely. It could be the perfect horse, the one that lights that hidden fire in your heart.
The Stable
contains thirty stalls. Five of them (16 x16) were built especially for our mares in foal to ensure the comfort of the mother and child, both in the womb and out. Another five are (16 x16) made to contain our rowdy stallions. Though some of them are as gentle as puppies we still feel that they need their space. The remaining twenty stalls (15 x 15) are used for the young horses, weaned foals, and unbred mares. Each stall includes detachable feed and water buckets for easy cleaning, an outdoor window, fly spray system, mist system for the summer, and is bedded with ceder shavings. Also within the stable is a tackroom, feedroom, three washracks, a laundry room, and office.
     The exterior of the stable has miles of wooded trails, a round pen, a dressage arena, and a jumpers arena. Each of them come with the nessesary equipment to ensure that our horses are recieving the best training experiance possible.
The Area
is eighty acres rolling carpet of hills. They aid in the development of our young horses muscles without undersaddle work. The trails are shaded with the limbs of ash, oak, and pine trees.

Where the Magic is Unbridled