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Breed: Tb.
Color: Bay Tobino
Gender: Stallion
Height: 17hh.
Earnings: $278,000
Show Record:
1st. Kara's Quicky Halter-Other Color
3rd. RiverView Halter Show-Thoroughbred Class
6th. Serendipity AAA Tb. Show- Colt Halter
3rd. Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Overo/Tovero/Tobiano
7th. HMS Summer Show- Colt Halter
8th. Katie's Jan 15th AIM Show-Tb Halter
6th. RESB Dancing Horses Jumping Show-Prospect
3rd. POSB Giza Jumping Show-Introductory Prospect
1st. POSB Ayres Rock Dressage Show-Introductory Prospect
12th. SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-Stallions
3rd. SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter Show-Stallions
Race Record:
4th. Legacy Summer Race Series I-Maidens-1mile-Colts+Fillies(2-3y/o)
2nd. Mountain Jade Maiden 2y/o Colts-6f
3rd. KillDeer Creek Doublemint Gum Racemeet-10f Allowance for 2y/o
2nd. Chasing Liberty Race Meet-1 1/8 Mile Maiden-2/3Yr. Colts + Fillies
4th. Gothard Race Meet-8f on Dirt Allowance
4th. Mercury Downs 6/17 Allowance Race
3rd. Eaglehill Take the Lead Racemeet-9f Allowance 3yo+ Open Gender, Dirt
6th. Shanaka Father's Day Racemeet-GII Stakes 8f Colts, All Ages
1st. SAI's In the Gate Race-Grade II-8f-Dirt
1. SAI's Cookin' Lots of Food-Grade I-8f-Dirt
"Night" has begun his long treck to stardom. He has been entered in halter classes since he was a weanling and once he gains the coordination of his legs will be tearing up the track. When retired from racing he will be entered in Jumper divisions and then finally 3-day eventing. I think with his daddys looks, His moms temperment, and both their talent he is something special.
Stud Fee: $700