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Breed: Throughbred
Color: Bay
Gender: Mare
Height: 15.3hh.
Ziggy Stardust X Polish Rose

I bought this filly in April 2004 from Rushing Rivers Farm. I am so excited! She is fast and firey and shows her spirit in her field. She will race the other yearlings for hours on end until they all drop from exhaustion. She will be shown in halter classes until she reaches the age where she can begin her training for racing. Though she was born in December and is lots younger than the other horses she always is showing them up.~Linz


Comet is one of the most spirited fillies I’ve ever seen! She jumps into the field and though somethings may have changed when she was gone to a show they are quickly set straight, Namely Comet being in charge. On the ground she is really sweet and eager to do as she’s told. In the halter classes she’s been entered in its her attitude that the judges like and later on the track its what will set her apart and allow her to win. ~Barngal


Earnings: $356,000

4th.Blue Mist Halter Challenge -Thoroughbred Flat Racing Prospects

4th.Atticus Inc Young'Un Show Down-Yearling Lungeline W/T
1st.Atticus Inc Young’Un Show Down-Yearling Filly Halter
6th.RRF I Want Snow Halter Show-Bay/Brown Halter
1st. RRF I Want Show Halter Show-Yearling Halter
5th. End of the Year Livestock Suitability Show-Dressage Suitability C
5th.Champions Inc HUGE Reopening Show-Mare/Filly

1st. Red Raven Quickie Halter Show-Weanlings and Yearlings
Champion-Katie's Feb 5th AIM Show-TB Fillies
Race Results:
3rd. Gothard Race Meet-10f on Turf Maiden for Juveniles
2nd. Katie's Feb 5th AIM Race Meet-Maiden Race-7f
2nd. Shanaka Grand Opening Maiden Race-3yo, 8f
8th. CKS Belmont Stakes-GI 1 1/2 Mile-3yo
1st. Eaglehill Take the Lead Racemeet-14f G1 Instincts Classic 2yo+ Open Gender, Dirt
1st. SAI's In the Gate Race-Grade I-8f-Turf
4th. SAI's Open Book Race-Grade I-8f-Turf
Brood Free: $600