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Enchanted Hills

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July 31st 2006
Our adoption for Keisel was approved by Pewter Oaks Adoptions! He has arrived and already is doing magnifficently. He won Reserve Champion in his first show as a member of EH. Congrats Keisel.
July 25th 2006
First off EH is sad to report that we did not win in the auction for Iivan, though he would have been an excellent addition to the Hills.
We have however purchased another mare, Sophia, who is trained in Prix St George dressage, Pleasure driving, and Fine harness. She has a sweet disposition and a caring nature that is a sure sign of her breeding. We look foward to working with her and hopefully raising her foals.
The Hills also has an adoption pending on a three year old colt by the name of Keisel. He is one of the last colts by the now deceased stallion Laes. His dam was by the now deceased stallion Frans 289. Though he is a quiet boy and very easy to handel his movements suggest otherwise. He has an excellent trot, lots of energy, and HUGE extention. He is perfect for dressage.
Congrats to Alfons and Martina! They both placed as champions in the POSB War and Peace Halter Show.
July 14th 2006
We had Mareglen WF re-evaluated today by Pewter Oaks. This time around he gained three extra points. His evaluation score was 56/60. WAY TO GO GLEN!!!!
July 9th 2006
EH would like to welcome our first stallion, Alfons. He was purchased on July 7th, but has not come to the Hills until today.
We also hope to be adding another mare to our calvery of friesians, Martina. Martina is a six year old, who has been trained in Level 2 Dressage, Pleasure Driving, and Fine Harness. She is the first of our serious driving horses. Our others had just dabbled in the art.
July 6th 2006
Enchanted Hills came into existance today. The first horses walked through the doors, they grazed on the emerald grass, and yes...pooped in spotless stalls. EH was built to house the friesians that originally resided at Thunder Road Stables. The operation has plans to expand past the compasity of TRS so we relocated.
Mareglen WF was evaluated today by POSB (Christine). He scored 53/60. His breeding and conformation earning him the most points.
We currently have a bid running in the SFR Annual Auction. The stallion in question is 12 year old Iivan. He's trained in driving and 4th level dressage.

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