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Enchanted Hills

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Sales Contract
Firstly your stable must be approved.
When purchasing an EH friesian, you agree to, having a page URL in one week. You also must Show/Breed (when appropriate) regularly. Any suffix/prefix assigned to the horse must remain. Other than that you have to let me, Barngal, know when/if you ever sell the horse. I retain the right to reclaim the horse if they are not shown/bred or if I am not notified of their sale.
Breeding Contract
Your stable and mare/stallion must be approved, foal's names must follow the Friesian Registry requirements, and Page URLs in one week. I retain buybacks on foals and must be notified if you plan to sell them at anytime. Foals must also be shown (Either in prospect shows or halter shows). If I am not notified or they are not shown then I have the right to reclaim the foal.

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