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Here's whats been happening,


Welcome:  TRS would like to welcome our new babies- TR Fiftysevencents, TR Hollywood Bound, and TR Choice Words

Farewell: WF Mareglen!

New Flash:

Congrats to TR Newfound Princess for breaking her steeplechase maiden, L Breachdan for winning his 75 mile endurance race and recieving champion of race.

TRS has expanded into Friesians. We originally only had Counting Time as a surrogate mare but then became enchanted with their fairy tale history. Then she was bred to produce Black Times. After the birth of that colt we were hooked. Counting Time was bred once more and gave birth to Ciara. TRS purchased Mareglen WF from White Oleander Farms.

TRS has opened our branch of SAMRT(stallion and mare reproduction transfers). The egg of the mare and the sperm of the stallion will be planted into the overies of a  surrogate mother and she will give birth and raise the baby while the bio mom is showing,racing or being bred to another stallion. we will also have the option of freezing the sperm of the stallion for later use. Like if the stallion should die or be sold we can still have our mares bred to him.

None of this is real it is all part of a SIM(ulation) game called Shanandoah. if any of these pictures are copywrighted or if there is a problem with them please contact me.