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Thunder Road Stables
Our Story
Our Story
The Barn
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Our Barn Started When...

   A Family from England Settled the soil of the farm. they spent $100 dollars on the farm and had a morgage of $400.
They spent their money on a pair of arabians to breed. To support these animals they had to grow their own crops. John Doe said, " you have to spend money to make money now adays."  
   Then once the farm had developed from a two horse operation to a farm of 4 stallions, 6 mares, 6 foals, and their farm horse, tragedy struck. The farm had a crazed wild fire killing all of the horses but one and it was their farm horse, Samson. The Family moved on with Samson pulling their wagon along with a borrowed horse to a new home to hopefully start again.
   In the same spot we built our Barn and in rememberance to the 17 horses that lost their lives we named our farm Arabian Acres. The Name was later changed to Thunder Road Stables because the other name implyed that we only accept Arabians. i didn't want people to feel that i was pushing arabians,we are all friends here so I changed it.
Now adays, we have a variety of different disciplines at TRS. We compete in showing, flat racing, endurance racing, and steeple chasing.



None of this is real it is all part of a SIM(ulation) game called Shanandoah. if any of these pictures are copywrighted or if there is a problem with them please contact me.