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Thunder Road Horses
Moonlight Dancer


Midnight's Silence
Dream On
Silver Phantom
Twisted Dream
Breezin' Up EHIS
New Found Golden Glory
Max KingOfZaWildTings
Conclusive Ziperific
KC Indian Charlie
Midnight Escapade
Shining in the Darkness
Sheza Dollar Lady
Moonlight Dancer
Secret Agent
SF Kuwaiti Sea
Flaming Seattle
Red Sky
Trick Halo
Bustas Liquid Lava
Columbia 'Aire
Wild Dream
Twisted Fyre
Wild Sky
Copper Top
My Copper
Lookin' Sunny
Pleasent Season
Midnight Breeze
HMS Before the Storm
Haap Mirage
Bourbon Glory
F Tragic Silence
F Tragic Dream
Flaming Bullet
Utmost Perfection
Ocean Side's Bar Chick Babe
Blue Phantom
Sunset A Lena
Shez Crafty
TC Larkin At Sea
ITB Ur Knight in Shining Armor
FT Silver Lined Cloud
RS Candy Theif
RS Skippin' The Spots
RS Bobbin Package
Royal Flush
Heaven Sent
Smoakin' Pistol
Shez Wild
Star Chaser
Poised Picture
Docs Poco Pistol
Cody's Sonny Penny
Nch. Shez Got That Look
Shady Breeze
Ready To Rock
FT Glory Wishes
Coyote's Silver Run
Broken Coal
The Punch Line
Independance Farms Penny
Daisy's Sunflower
Ace's Duece
Right Side Up
Counting Time
SAI Sterling Star
Tell Me Your Dreams
Mysterious Magic
Skip N Smooth Bar
Red River Adwardo
Red River Amalay
Red River Aclipse
Red River Auroa
Other Animals


Age: 3yrs.
Breed: Tb.
Color: Bay
Gender: Colt
Height: 17hh.
Northern Dancer X Moonlight
Points: 1,8,3,3,3,4(2,300)
Earnings: 400,000
3rd. Southern Pines Race Meet- 2y/o Colts
3rd. Ripped off Open 2y/o Stakes
3rd. Redo colts 2y/o Stakes
4th. Sanford Stakes-2y/o-6f [G2]
Stud Fee: $700
He May NOT Be Bred.