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Thunder Road Horses
Midnight's Silence
Midnight's Silence
Dream On
Silver Phantom
Breezin' Up EHIS HOTY
New Found Golden Glory
TR Sheza Dollar Lady
TR Wild Sky
TR Midnight Breeze
Utmost Perfection
TR Blue Phantom
TR Tell Me Your Dreams
TR First Lady
TR Baskyia's Mirage
L Breachdan
Chrysanthemum Comet
MH Lap Dance
TR New Found High
Sock The African
Smiley's Honor
Seattle's Shadow
TR Newfound Princess
RS/TR Northern Swing
TR Whiskey Girl
RS Fury Island
TR Fiftysevencents
TR Choice Words
TR Hollywood Bound
TR Special Gem
TR Crusader
Meadow Path MSC


Breed: Tb
Color: Dapple Gray
Gender: Mare

Height: 16 hh.
Deciplines: Hunters, Broodmare.
Mid-Knight X Silence

Foals: Silver Silence,Silent Mystery,Midnight Dream, Midnight Seattle,Golden Silence,Black Silence,F Tragic Silence,Midnight Breeze.
*Surrogate Has Been Used*
Mid-Knight Unbridled Fappiano Mr. Prospector
Ganna Facil Le Fabuluex
Genuine Risk Exclusive Native Raise A Native
Virtuious Gallant Man
Due Respect
Silence Sunday Silence Halo Hail to Reason
Wishing well Understanding
Nountain Flower
Quiet No Noise No Chance
Peace and Quiet
Quite Fast Count Fleet


Earnings: $169,000


Open Ideal English Horse
2nd place-S/H english pleasure Jr horse
Placed 5th. in Super Jump Challenge
3rd. Zen Garden Fiels Hunter
Zen Garden Comformation Hunter Champion
5th Zen Garden Working Hunter
Lola's Quicky 4' Hunter(feild)
Lola's Quicky 4' Hunter(conformation)
3rd. Barngal's Quicky 4' Hunter(Feild)
8th Barngal's Quicky 4' Hunter(Conformation)
4th. Barngal's Quicky 4' Hunter(Working)
2nd. Kara's Quicky Dressage(Prix St. George)
2nd Lola's All Disipline Quicky(Mare Halter)
2nd Kara's Jumper Show 3' Division(Table 2b)
2nd Kara's Jumper Show 3' Division(Speed)
3rd Kara's Jumper Show 3' Division(Power)
Reserve Champion Kara's Jumper Show 3' Division
3rd. Barngal's Live Show Hunter Under Saddle
3rd. Barngal's Live Show Hunter O/F(Working)
2nd. Barngal's Live Show Hunter O/F(Feild)
1st. Barngal's Live Show Hunter(Conformation)
4th. Barngal's Live Show Hunter in Hand
3rd. Barngal's Dressage Event-Grand Prix Level
7th. Hunter O/F 2'9
6th. Adrienne's Tb Only Open Show-Intermediate Hunter Under Saddle
3rd. Adrienne's Eventing Show- CCI****
6th. Victoria Day Dressage Show- Intermediare II
6th. The Raylynn, Ltd. Summer Show-Adult Amateur/Children's Hunters- Fences 3' Over Fences
6th. The Raylynn, Ltd. Summer Show-Adult Amateur/Children's Hunters- Fences 3' Over Fences
2nd. The Raylynn, Ltd. Summer Show-Adult Amateur/Children's Hunters- Fences 3' Under Saddle
1st. The Raylynn, Ltd. Summer Show- Adult Amateur/Children's Hunters- Fences 3' Over Fences
2nd. The Raylynn, Ltd. Summer Show-Adult Amateur/Children's Hunters- Fences 3' Under Saddle
3rd. Raylynn, Ltd. Medal-Fences 3'
4th. ASHJA Medal-Fences 3'
3rd. Julie's June 24th. AIM Show-Mares In Hand
9th. Barngal's June 25th. AIM Show-Mare Halter
6th. Barngal's June 29th. AIM Show- Tb. Halter
7th. Errant Ventures All-Sim Quick Show-Jr.Hunter U/S
3rd. Kildeer Creek's Dressage Show-Intermediare I
2nd. 50 First Dates Eventing Show-CCI****
9th. The Donetello 3-Day Event and Endurance-Halter and Undersaddle Division
2nd. The Donetello 3-Day and Endurance-Halter and Undersaddle Division-CCI***

7th. FHF Power And Elegance Eventing Show-Intermediate
5th. CF Opening Dressage Classic-FEI Intermediare I Dressage
3rd. POSB Deep Heat Rub Dressage Show-Intermediare I
3rd. SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-Mares
3rd. SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-10/11 Year Olds
17th. SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter Show-Mares
Champion-SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter Show-Grey
9th. SF Test Run Halter Show-1998 Halter Class
Champion-SF Baby Blues English Show-Regular Working Hunter



Silence is a real sweet heart. But as you know some mares can be a little pushy to get what they want. For Silence what she wants is to win. Even in her short racing career she pushed for the winner's circle.

Brood Fee: $600




Willow Run Evaluations
Temperament: 8
Handling: 8
Conformation: 9
Color: 9
Walk: 9
Trot: 8
Canter: 8
Gallop: 10
Rideability: 9
Will To Work: 10

Total: 88%



Lyonesse Ltd. Evaluation
Originality of Name: 5/5 pts.
I love her name!
Conformation: 8/10 pts.
While this mare is beautifully built, her pasterns are a little too long.
Gaits: 37/40 pts.
She has wonderful movement, with a nice ground-covering trot and relaxing "rocking-horse" canter. However, she doesn't tuck-up over fences as well as I'd like to see, but she was wonderful form otherwise.
Show Record: 14/15 pts.
Her show record is very impressive but, and this may just be me, for a younger horse it is a little hard to believe she is competing in CCI**** eventing. I think she is much more suited to hunters as seen by her record.
Pedigree: 10/10 pts.
Wonderfully lined horse
Progeny: 2/5 pts.
It bothers me that a showing mare as young as 6 already has 10 offspring, two of which were born in the same year. Only 2 of the 10 had pages and they appear to be wonderful horses but I wish I had more to go on.

Total Points: 75/100
75% Not bad at all!