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Thunder Road Horses
Silver Phantom
Midnight's Silence
Dream On
Silver Phantom
Breezin' Up EHIS HOTY
New Found Golden Glory
TR Sheza Dollar Lady
TR Wild Sky
TR Midnight Breeze
Utmost Perfection
TR Blue Phantom
TR Tell Me Your Dreams
TR First Lady
TR Baskyia's Mirage
L Breachdan
Chrysanthemum Comet
MH Lap Dance
TR New Found High
Sock The African
Smiley's Honor
Seattle's Shadow
TR Newfound Princess
RS/TR Northern Swing
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RS Fury Island
TR Fiftysevencents
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TR Hollywood Bound
TR Special Gem
TR Crusader
Meadow Path MSC


Breed: Tb
Color: Albino
Gender: Mare
Height: 16 hh.
Desciplines: Eventing, Broodmare.
Silver Rings X Phantom's Call
Foals: Silver Bells,Snow Phantom,TR Blue Phantom,
Silver Rings Golden Oil Miner Black Gold
Texas Tillie
Sandy Shore War Admiral
Ocean Breeze
Freedom Rings Affirmed Exclusive  Native
Won't Tell You
Never Let Me Go Jet Pilot
Genuine Risk
Phantom's Call Ghost Phantom Black Gold
Texas Tess
CowGal Bronco Buster
Call of the Wild Caro Fortino II
All Rainbows Bold Hour
Miss Carmie
Earnings: $190,000
3rd place-S/H english pleasure Jr horse
2nd. Barngal's Quicky 3'6 Hunter(Feild)
8th. Barngal's Quicky 3'6 Hunter(Conformation)
5th. Barngal's Quicky 3'6 Hunter(Working)
2nd. Kara's Quicky Dressage-Intermediare I
3rd. Lola's All Disipline Quicky-Mare Halter
6th. Barngal's Dressage Event-Intermediate
6th. Serendipity AAA Tb Show-Hunter O/F 4'
1st. Adrienne's Tb. Only Open Show-Intermediate Dressage
2nd. Adrienne's Eventing show-CCI*
5th. Victoria Day Dressage Show- Prix St. Georges
2nd.Adult Owner/Junior Hunters- Fences 3'6 Over Fences 
4th. Adult Owner/Junior Hunter-Fences 3'6 Over Fences
2nd.Adult Owner/Junior Hunters- Fences 3'6 Under Saddle
3rd. Adult Owner/Junior Hunters- Fences 3'6 Over Fences
1st. Adult Owner/Junior Hunters- Fences 3'6 Under Saddle
Champion Adult Owner/Junior Hunters Division
2nd. Kazan Junior Medal- Fences 3'6
2nd. Raylynn, Ltd Junior Medal-Fences 3'6 
4th. Kildeer Creek's Dressage Show-Intermediare II
2nd. 50 First Dates Eventing Show- CCI**
8th. The Donetello 3-Day Event and Endurance-Halter and Undersaddle Divison-Open Halter
1st. The Donetello 3-Day Event and Endurance-Dressage Division-FEI Intermediare II
8th. FHF Power and Elegance Eventing Show-Intermediate
1st. Katie's Feb 5th AIM Show-TB Mare Halter
1st. CA Opening Dressage Classic-Intermediare II Dressage
1st. POSB Deep Heat Rub Dressage Show-Intermediare II
4th-SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-Mares
Champion-SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-Other Color
Reserve Champion-SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter Show-Mares
Champion-SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter Show-Other Color
11th. WF All Breed Classic 2008-Thoroughbred Class
Champion-SF Baby Blues English Show-Dressage Intermediare II
Everyone is drawn to Silver by her coloring. I admit even I when I first saw her I was. But I also saw her sweet temperment. She is the horse nextdoor(when not on the track or show ring),She would come up to you and just stand so you could pet her. I picture her saying "yah. right there you human." her favorite placed to be scratched is on her neck and cheek.
Brood Fee: $600