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Thunder Road Horses

Breezin' Up EHIS HOTY

Midnight's Silence
Dream On
Silver Phantom
Breezin' Up EHIS HOTY
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TR Sheza Dollar Lady
TR Wild Sky
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Utmost Perfection
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Breed: Tb
Color: Tobaino Bay
Gender: Stallion
Height: 17 hh.
Desciplines: Ex-Racer,Jumpers,Hunters,Dressage,X-Country, Stud.
Hawaiian Breeze X Surfs Up
Foals:Midnight Breeze,Breeze of Luck,Native Breeze,Northern Breeze,
Hawaiian Breeze Strike The Gold Alydar Raise A Native
Sweet Tooth
Majestic Gold Hatchet Man
Majestic Secret
Tropical Breeze Sunny's Halo Halo
Mostly Sunny
Breeze Seattle Slew
Surfs Up! Sea Hero Polish Navy Danzig
Glowing Tribute Graustark
Winning Colors Caro Fortino II
All Rainbows Bold Hour
Miss Carmie
Earnings: $214,000
4th. Place- S/H english pleasure Sr horse
Lola's Quicky 4' Hunter(Feild)
Lola's Quicky 4' Hunter(Conformation)
2nd. Zen Garden's 3'6 Hunter(Feild)
4th. Zen Garden's 3'6 Hunter(Conformation)
2nd. Zen Garden's 3'6 Hunter(Working)
Southern Pines Other Color Halter
Barngal's 4' Feild Hunter
2nd. Barngal's 4' Conformation Hunter
Barngal's 4' Working Hunter
Kara's Dressage Quicky-Prix St. George
3rd. Southern Pines Dressage-Grand Prix
2nd. Lola's All Discipline Quicky-Level 3 Dressage
Lola's All Discipline Quicky-4' Hunter over Fences
Lola's All Discipline Quicky-4' Hunter Under Saddle
Lola's All Discipline Quicky-4' Conformation
Lola's All Discipline Quicky-4' Jumper
Kara's Quicky Jumper-4' Division
2nd. Southern Pines Halter-Other Color
3rd. HMS Dressage Level 4
1st. HMS Cross Country Level 4
1st. HMS Show Jumping Level 4
3rd. Kara's jumper Show 4' Division(Table2b)
3rd. Kara's Jumper Show 4' Division(Speed)
2nd Kara's Jumper Show 4' Division(Power)
Reserve Champion Kara's Jumper Show 4' Division
2nd. Barngal's Live Show Hunter Under Saddle
1st. barngal's Live Show Hunter O/F (Working)
1st. Barngal's Live Show Hunter O/F (Feild)
2nd. Barngal's Live Show Hunter O/F (Conformation)
3rd. Barngal's Live Show Hunter In Hand
Champion Barngal's Live Show
3rd. GallopinGlory's 3 Class Equitation Event-Huntseat
1st. Barngal's Dressage Event-Grand Prix
RHOTY -Show Jumping
HOTY -Hunter
3rd. Starless Limited Halter Show- 6-8yr Class
5th. Serendipity AAA Tb. Show-Jumpers 5'
2nd. Adrienne's Eventing Show-CIC
2nd. Victoria Day Dressage Show-Grand Prix
1st. Grand Prix Jumper 4'9 with 5' Spreads ($1000)
4th. Hawley's June 10th AIM Show-Huntseat Equitation
5th. Hawley's June 10th. AIM Show- 6+yrs. Halter
1st. HMS Summer Show- EHIS Halter
4th. HMS Summer Show-Advanced Dressage
4th. HMS Summer Show-Advanced XC
4th. HMS Summer Show-Advanced Show Jumping
7th. Julie's June 24th. AIM Show- Stallion In Hand
3rd. Barngal's June 25th. AIM Show-Stallion Halter
7th. Barngal's June 29th. AIM Show-Stallion Halter
3rd. Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Stallion Halter
2nd. Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Overo/Tovero/Tobiano Halter
8th. Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Eventing Final Score
3rd.Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Eventing Show Jumping
6th.Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Eventing Show-Dressage
8th.Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Eventing Show-Cross Country
8th. Shakespeare's Envy Yay! I'm Moving Show-Stallion Conformation
4th. Midnight Sun Jumper Show-6'
4th. Kildeer Creek's Dressage Show-Grand Prix
3rd. 50 First Dates Eventing Show-CIC
3rd. FF2 Olympics 2004-Stallion SJ Grand Prix
3rd. FHF Power and Elegance Eventing Show-Advanced
Reserve Champion-Katie's Jan 15th AIM Show-Grand Prix Dressage
4th. RESB Dancing Horses Jumping Show-Grand Prix
2nd. POSB Pyramid of Giza Jumping Show-Grand Prix
9th. SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-Stallions
Champion-SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-10/11 Year Olds
Reserve Champion-SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-Other Color
Reserve Champion-SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter Show-Stallions
Reserve Champion-SAI's Beautiful Day Thoroughbred Halter show-Other Color
2nd. WF All Breed Classic 2008-Thoroughbred
Reserve Champion-SAI's Dried Out Jumping Show-Grand Prix (5'-5'6 Level VII)
Reserve Champion-SF's Test Run Halter Show-1997 Halter Class
Champion-SF's Baby Blues English Show-Grand Prix Dressage
Champion-SF's Baby Blues English Show-Grand Prix Show Jumping (5'-5'6)
Breeze's personality is as flash and firery as his coat. He has the race horse go get em' attitude and uses it as much as possible. Breezin' Up Really loves chocolate. Shhh...don't tell anyone I give it to him..*wink*
Trained By: Barngal(S.A.T.)
Stud Fee: $700





Lyonesse Ltd. Evaluation
Originality of Name: 5/5 pts.
Again, an original name
Conformation: 8/10 pts.
This stallion is near perfect! He obviously has been trained very well and has very nice muscle tone all over his body.
Gaits: 38/40 pts.
This stallion was a pleasure to ride! His movements are always smooth and flawless. He rushes fences a tad bit but because his form over fences is so nice, it doesn't seem to be a problem.
Show Record: 14/15 pts.
His show record is very impressive. However, his discipline is listed as eventing but he has only been entered in one event. It seems that he could do a full event, based on his success in it's parts
Pedigree: 10/10 pts.
I don't know specifically his sire or dam but his older lineage of Seattle Slew, Alydar, Raise A Native, etc. more than make up for this.
Progeny: 4/5 pts.
The two progeny I have seen are both gorgeous animals, inheriting his beautiful color and his leniency towards winning!

Total Points: 94/100
94% Very Well Indeed! A beautiful stallion that anyone would be proud to own!





TRS extends a special thanks to Silver Wood Farms for supplying pictures for The above horse, Breezin' Up EHIS RHOTY.
All photos (Horse pictured is: Hall of Fame) are Copyrighted to Suzanne Sturgill.