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Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Gender: Filly
Height: 16.2hh
Foals: N/A
Swing has just come to our stable. She is by our prize steeplechase stallion New Found Golden Glory out of Royalty Stable's Northern Bend Better. Northern Bend Better is also the dam of RS Northern Fury. Swing seems to be possessing the talent of her brother through the blood of her dam. She already has shown her ability of a flawless jump, a steady gallop, and a trying heart that will get the job done. Her manners though young as she is, are wonderful. Very rarely will she nip or knock any handler, she'll load a trailer on auto pilot, be clipped, shod, and washed without any complaints. Many would expect such a well mannered horse to be boring, not Swing. She, when in the pasture, is amazing to watch. She is the horse that will be your best friend. She'll do anything in a conversation, minus the talking back and judging. She does what counts, she listens. Swing is a gentle soul  with marvelous talent for what she does.
Earnings: $229,000
Show Record:
Champion-SAI's Rearing to Go Thoroughbred Halter Show-2/3 Year Olds
1st. WF Spring Chicken Youngstock Show-2 Year Olds
Reserve Champion-WF Spring Chicken Youngstock Show-Halter
3rd. WF Spring Chicken Youngstock Show-Suitability for Hunter/Jumpers
11th. WF Spring Chicken Youngstock Show-Suitability for Dressage
4th. WF Diamond Youngstock Exhibition-Suitability for Hunter/Jumper
4th. SF's Test Run Halter Show-2006 Halter Class
Race Record:
1st. SAI's On Patrol Steeplechase-Flat Chase-2y/o-1 Mile-Turf
1st. SAI's Outta My Mind Steeplechase-Flat Chase-2y/o-1 Mile-Turf
Reserve Champion of Race-SAI's Outta My Mind Steeplechase
1st. ASA Still Snowing Steeplechase Meet-Flat Chase-2y/o-1 Mile
2nd. SAI's All Over Steeplechase-Flat Chase-2y/o-1 Mile-Turf
Brood Fee: $700
She may not be bred yet.
Special Thanks to Steelechase Times.
Horse Pictured: McDynamo