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Thunder Road Horses
Windswept Sand


Midnight's Silence
Dream On
Silver Phantom
Twisted Dream
Breezin' Up
New Found Golden Glory
PK Ghostdancer
Two Eyed Catastrophe
Glory I Am
Windswept Sand
KC Indian Charlie
Midnight Escapade
Shining in the Darkness
Miss Flaming Sky
Maximo El Capo
High Risk
Sheza Dollar Lady
Fleeting Dream
Thunder By
Moonlight Dancer
Secret Agent
High Boy
SF Kuwaiti Sea
Flaming Seattle
Red Sky
Trick Halo
Ima Rodeo Star
Faith in a Loner
Lone Dancer
Lone Star
Zinging Love
Columbia 'Aire
Back Up
Royal Desperado
In a Wink
Wild Dream
Twisted Fyre
Brisk Fyre
Wild Sky
Copper Top
My Copper
Lookin' Sunny
Pleasent Season
Midnight Breeze
HMS Fairy Dust
HMS Before the Storm
HMS Lady Lark
Khemo's Rosalah
Haap Mirage
Dakota's Painted Flyer
Bourbon Glory
F Tragic Silence
F Tragic Dream
Flaming Bullet
Utmost Perfection
Ocean Side's Bar Chick Babe
Other Animals


Age: 8yrs.
Color: Black
Height: 16.3hh.
Windblown X Sandstorm( x Storm Cat)
Foals: Windswept Thoughts,Windswept War,


Winner Of:
4th. Zen Garden's Hunter(Feild)
4th. Zen Garden's Hunter(Confromation)
Zen Gardens Hunter(Working) Champion
Southern Pines Stallion Halter
4th. Southern Pines Halter-Black Class
5th. Barngal's Quicky 4' Hunter(Feild)
9th. Barngal's Quicky 4' Hunter(Conformation)
3rd. Barngal's Quicky 4' Hunter(Working)
"Sandy" used to be very unwanted and he was sold a total of 5 times. Good thing he loves to travel though. so i'm planning on keeping him for some time and to keep him interested in thing we show him alot. He has been doing great. His favorite treat which he gets after the show is a apple with peanut butter smeared allover it.
Trained By: Barngal(S.A.T.)
Stud Fee: $700